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Garmin Great Ireland Run ambassador Sean Harding shares his three top tips for getting back into an exercise routine

Unexpected snow days aside, winter is behind us so there’s no excuse for not getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. If you need a target to feel motivated, there is one month to go until the Garmin Great Ireland Run in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. There is a 10k and a 5k run, plus some junior events, which is a great option for families wanting to get fit together. Performance Coach Sean Harding is an ambassador for the Garmin Great Ireland Run and he recommends having a goal to work for, whether you’re hoping to up your fitness, lose weight or aiming to tackle a personal goal. “You need something to strive towards and if you’ve steered off course, you can just reset and start again,” he says. Below, he has shared some top tips to help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Find a workout buddy

“Over the years I have come across many people who just needed that little bit of encouragement to keep going. That’s why finding a workout buddy to endure the process with is my top piece of advice. It is well known that those who start out on a fitness journey with a friend or partner are far more likely to stick to their goals due to the encouragement and accountability factor. Before you know it you will have pushed each other through yet another training session.”

2. More is not always better

“This is the most common mistake I see. For example people think running more today than the last day is better. This is not the case, especially for beginners. Instead, start small and build up slowly. There is plenty of time, you will be less susceptible to injury due to overuse. It’s always better to take a smart approach to training.”

3. Distract the mind

“Although we all know about the numerous health benefits that is associated with training, this still does not cut it on certain days! I find listening to music, podcasts or Audible really helps. When my mind is distracted with some good tunes, an interesting podcast or book it helps get me through the training a lot easier. My favourite way of all to stay motivated has got to be listening to a fantastic thought-provoking motivational speech. I plug in my earphones, stick on Youtube and type in ‘motivational speeches’. I’ve listened to countless over the years and it is still my favourite way to stay motivate myself.”

The Garming Garmin Great Ireland Run takes place in Phoenix Park on 15 April.

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