DIY: ceramic jewellery bowl

Create a pretty place to store your favourite jewellery and trinkets with this quick and easy DIY.

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If you are looking to redorate a room in your house, often it is a really fun idea to make the items yourself. Not only is a really easy to do it is also a really eco-friendly way to upcycle.

Decorate your dressing table and display your rings and necklaces in a beautiful ceramic jewellery bowl. See below for instructions on how to create this stunning jewellery bowl at home.

You'll need:

  • Air drying clay (we got ours for €6, The Works)
  • 2 paint brushes: One standard flat brush (for general painting) and one watercolour brush (works best for creating drips)
  • Acrylic black and white paint (we used 75ml tubes, €1.70 each, Søstrene Grene)
  • Clear nail varnish (ours was €3.50, Penneys)
  • An old jam jar with lid, cleaned
  • Rolling pin
  • Small bowl
  • Top tip: We chose black as our feature colour for the splattered effect but you could go really bold with choice – try neon pink or canary yellow.


    Step 1:Break off a piece of the clay about the size of a large walnut.

    Step 2: Roll the clay out with a rolling pin and into a flat strip about 1cm thick (if you’re not sure, have a look at the thickness of your small bowl).

    Step 3: Use the jar to cut out a circle.

    Step 4: Place the clay into the small bowl to create a bowl shape then carefully remove by lifting the edges with your fingernail or something sharp.

    Step 5: Shape the clay in the palm of your hand by gently massaging the edges into organic, uneven scalloped shapes. Let the clay dry overnight.

    Step 6: Paint both sides of the bowl with two coats white paint, allowing 30 minutes between coats. Allow to dry completely.

    Step 7: Coat both sides with two coats of clear nail varnish, again allowing 30 minutes between coats. Allow to dry.

    Step 8: Water down your black paint using 1 part paint to 3 parts water. Flick paint drips onto your bowl. Allow to dry overnight.

    Step 9: Paint one final coat of clear nail varnish to protect your paint. Allow to dry overnight before using.

    Finished product:

    Styling and DIYs: Lesiele Juliet

    Photography: Nathalie Marquez Courtney

    This article appeared in the October issue of Irish Country Magazine.

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