Discovering Architecture in Ireland #sponsored

Chill Insurance discover which types of Irish homes are most popular

  • Chill Insurance | Celebrating Irish Homes

  • Chill Insurance | Celebrating Irish Homes

  • Chill Insurance | Celebrating Irish Homes

  • Chill Insurance | Celebrating Irish Homes

Ireland is a place so full of history and culture that the homes and architecture that you can find there are immeasurable. From castles to stately homes, townhouses to barns, if you live in Ireland, there are plenty of dwellings to create a home in.

In a survey organised by Chill Insurance, suppliers of car and home insurance, it was revealed which types of Irish homes are most popular. Out of the 1,000 Irish people surveyed, 30% said they would prefer to live in a detached home, and 23% said they would like to live in a townhouse.

It also seems that more and more people are choosing to live in newer houses. The survey demonstrated that 38% of Irish inhabitants would prefer to live in a new build, and 30% would want a home that’s been built in the last 10 years.

But what are some of the best, most impressive architectural designs in Ireland?


Ireland has a large number of castles. Some are ruins, some you can go and visit, and some have been turned into luxurious four and five star hotels.

Kilcoe Castle was built around 1450 and is situated in Co Cork. The castle has seen many battles and was conquered by the English in the 1600s. Soon after this, the castle was abandoned and left in ruins until 1998 when actor, Jeremy Irons, fell in love with the castle and lovingly restored it at a cost of £1 million.

Kilkenny Castle is thought to have been built in the 12th century. The Butler family lived there for over 500 years, changing it from a fortress to a comfortable family mansion. They moved out in 1935 and the castle became derelict until it was sold in 1967 for a mere £50. It has since been restored and is a beautiful place to visit.

You might not recognise the name Castle Ward, you might know it better as Winterfell from popular TV series, Game of Thrones. The castle acted as the backdrop for this sensational programme that was watched all over the world.

Stately homes

Russborough House in Co Wicklow, is arguably one of Ireland’s best and more spectacular stately homes. It was finished in 1751 and is built from local granite. The house is known for its incredible artwork and paintings, having housed two fine art collections. The home is unfortunately renowned for having paintings continually stolen, having experienced four robberies over time. One of these was labelled ‘the biggest art robbery in history’.

Derrynane House is situated in Co Kerry and was the home of Daniel O’Connell. He loved nature and the countryside, so the house sits in 120 hectares of land. The house was frequently extended. It had a three-storey farmhouse added, as well as a dining and drawing room to the south and a chapel. The house is now a museum and is open for public viewing.

Modern Irish homes

It seems that more Irish people are striving for rural life, with 55% of those surveyed choosing a home in the country rather than in the city.

The most regular family homes are on a much smaller scale than these castles and stately homes, although nearly 30% of Irish people do describe their home style as traditional, perhaps drawing upon the history and architecture of these incredible buildings.

It seems that Irish architecture is still a big influence on how people want their homes to look, coming full circle from 12th century castles to the 21st century family home.

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