8 ways you can maximise your space at home

Is your house feeling a little cramped? Check out these clever space saving solutions

The never seems to be enough space in our homes today, and we are constantly looking for solutions to help make use every inch of space in your house. Moving to bigger accommodation is not always an option, so we’ve listed some really great tips on how you can make the most of small spaces you might have in your home.

1. Optimize wall space with fold outs

Ikea wall drying rack

2. Replace swing doors with slides walls

Fruugo sliding barn door

3. Get creative with mirrors as they reflect light so can make a room appear bigger

Harvey Norman framed mirror

4. Swap your kitchen table for a breakfast bar to allow for more floor space

House of design

5. White colours attract light and give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space


6. Declutter by upcycling or donating unwanted items

Why not try out decluttering challenge: 31 things to get rid of this January?

7. Customise furniture to fit your space

Custom Made TV Unit

8. Invest in organisers

Littlewoods underbed shoe organiser

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